Self​-​Titled EP

by Lost Monarchs

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Recorded in Vista California at Emerald Age Studios.
c. 2018 Goodmind Music ASCAP/BMI All Rights Reserved.


released May 8, 2018

Lost Monarchs are:

Ben Ringgenberg: Vocals/Bass Guitar
Bob Salihar: Vocals/Guitar
Dallas Wade: Vocals/Guitar
Eddy Henderson: Vocals/Drums
Daniel "DaFroggz" Martin: Vocals, Bass (Studio Album)
Daniel Gershun: Drums (Studio Album)

Guest Vocalists:

Jen Leonardi
(The Unknown/Flames from the Sky)
Heather Sumuka
(Flames from the Sky)


all rights reserved



Lost Monarchs San Diego, California

The Lost Monarchs are a Southern California rock n' roll jam band which draws influence from many musical styles to create their original sound.  The members unify under a common goal of creating songs which breathe and grow, especially in a live performance where the band connects with the audience. ... more


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Track Name: Gypsy Trail
Gypsy Trail

I wait for a reason / to bide my time
My gypsy soul wanders / along forgotten trails
Going as the breeze is blowing / like the autumn leaves are flowing
Drifting in the cool wind / stirring around me

My, my, my won’t you show me where I’m going
My, my, my won’t you give me some peace
Somewhere I can lay my head
Even if the grass will be my bed

In the change of season / I begin to stray
Got to move on / finding my way
Make me a living / where I taste the sweet wine
Walk until I’m weary / until I reach home

My, my, my won’t you show me where I’m going
My, my, my, won’t you give me some peace,
Why don’t you…take me on a walk in the sunshine
Just give me one piece of what’s mine
Track Name: Riddle of Love
All of them sweet smellin’ roses / I brought to you one evening
They’ve all died and wilted away / Never shall they bloom again

Just like sweet smellin’ roses / our love has wilted away
Just like sunshine in the springtime / you know it’s gonna rise once again

Many a man have all tried in vain
To understand the Riddle of Love
But I’m willing to try once again
To understand the Riddle of Love

Been savin’ all of my money / and i’ve been spending all of my time
I’ve been thinkin’ only about you my dear / you’re always runnin’
round in my mind

Just like the money that i’m saving / I’m saving all my love just for you
Looking forward to the day / looking forward to the day we’ll be hanging around just us two


Up in the hills of California / I’m going up there to stay
You know we’ll build a home / And we’ll no longer roam
And live out the rest of our days

Up in the hills of California / we’ll roll on for evermore
Come on over whenever you feel / we’ll be hangin’ around that cabin door

Track Name: The Unknown
The Unknown
If I could only / find a golden / key to unlock them all
My doors would open and / my darkened rooms / would finally see the light
I wander everyday/despite knowing which / road that I should be on
I can see clearly now / where I have to be / but the road is uncertain now

And I know / that I am blind
Even though I’ve got / my eyes wide open all the time
No matter what / or how hard I try
I can't leave behind / all those things cluttering my mind

I sit here wondering / about the mess I'm in / and how I’m gonna fix it now
Or I could step back / take a new look / and appreciate what I have
But i’m gonna stand up now / brush the dust right off / time for me to move along
Let the worries / and distractions / fall off like an old cocoon

Oooh oooh oooh the unknown (2x)
Track Name: Flames from the Sky
Flames from the Sky

Your way to get by / Poor souls they cry
Judgement impaired / People are scared
They don't know why (don't know why)
They might die (they might die)
Has the dark side really won?

Flames from the Sky (4x)

We point, no blame
But some would shame
Few know the truth
Many poison our youth
They don't know why (don't know why)
They might die (they might die)
Has the dark side really won?

Flames from the Sky (4x)


Almighty vision, some will see / Humanity, come to me
Please do not be scared / You will be spared

Flames from the Sky (4x)

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