Eye on the Sun

by Lost Monarchs

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Nothing Said 06:33
What good is a wish if you won’t toss the coin? What good is hope if you don’t believe in it? How you gonna stand if you don’t think you can? Where will you go if you never take a chance? Well you know you gotta... Look for the light within the dark Morning is coming it’s gonna be alright Blue skies or grey sunshine or rain Breathe in the air it’s gonna be okay If you want to make change make up your mind You know nothing said won’t be worth a dime SOLO RPT Chorus SOLO Hear your heart’s words open your mind The truth will come to you in time Lay down fear and let it go There are answers you may never know What good is a gift without sharing it? What good is passion if you hold it inside? How will you know if you don’t follow through? You are the only one who makes it happen now RPT Chorus Solo
She is painted perfection With platinum blonde hair Under palms in a rental Mercedes She’s really going nowhere She's a Hollywood lady Caught in a web of illusion Lost in a neon freeway confusion The fast lane leads to glittering dreams Chasing forever, yet no closer it seems She's a Hollywood Lady Bridge w/ Solo At a four way stop she lingers A choice at the tip of her fingers A left turn may not be right she must choose tonight... She’s a Hollywood Lady Buying her image on Rodeo drive Hollywood lady won't stand aside Sunset strip took her for a ride But I hope she'll find the woman inside She’s a Hollywood Lady
Thought I was a kind man Turned out I was cruel Thought I was a genius Until I flunked out of school Thought I could drink whiskey Until the morning I feel sick Thought I was doing fine But now i'm in a fix I'm just an angel Devils in my soul Found a bag of pyrite Thought that it was gold Put it in my pocket But it fell out on the road Trying to find silver In a mine that’s full of coal Thought I could see straight Now I know Im blind Swear I spoke the truth Turned out I'm a liar Seem my happiest When other people cry Feeling as right as rain But am I really dying? CH Freezing in the rain or cooking in the sun You say i’m tortured but i'm just having fun Always out ‘till last call Drinking at the bar You said success is close Nothing seems so far CH
Woke up this morning, lord I had it bad Didn’t remember much past 2 am I heard the little cricket say, you shouldn’t be out anyway Every time I ride that train I lose I gotta shake shake shake the booze Woke up looking for a little hair of the dog 750 whiskey left me in a fog So I jumped into my car and that’s when things got bad, real bad I said... Every time I ride that train I lose I gotta shake shake shake the booze I woke up shaking with the cops rolling up behind I got all damn drunk and nearly lost my mind So I sat back and I said take me away to jail...you know Every time I ride that train I lose I gotta shake shake shake the booze But I wanna dive into a bottle or two I gotta shake shake shake the booze
I was born a dreamer with my head up in the clouds Like the next days were not up to me...no no In the time of my life, I imagined what I might be But the future was only a dream...a dream It could have been sweeter I know But this child would soon learn to grow Making my own way in life, I know I have Spent life losing ground, now I’ve finally won East of the ocean, west of the sky Where the cool ocean breeze and the warm sun collide. Calm bay waters meet the tumbling tide I feel like I’ve finally arrived So many choices / right, wrong or just the right time All these decisions have led me here Farther than I realized even though I thought I knew it all I came to find that I knew nothing at all One day I will find my home Though I’ll rise and fall like the tides The currents won’t drag me below Stand up on the wave again, in the California sun East of the ocean, West of the sky Where the cool ocean breeze and the warm sun collide Rivers come home and the hills run beside I feel like I’ve finally arrived East of the ocean West of the sky
San Andreas 07:31
I can see the smoke from here Your message it was crystal clear. Oh tonight up on San Andreas I can see the lights for miles If only for a little while Every night up on San Andreas We sat atop this lonely hill The place we could not get our fill. Every night up on San Andreas I had to swallow my pride Even when my living soul had died. Oh that night up on San Andreas We went walking in the cold sunlight A dark day but a much darker night. That is why I left you on San Andreas But now I’ve come to know why We could never touch the sky. Since that one night up on San Andreas Thinking back on my favorite times A distant dream comes to mind. In these last hours on San Andreas Everything that begins must end So I’ll just say goodbye my friend. The last night up on San Andreas
Dream I Know 07:09
Dream I Know I think inside a dream I live only know what I want to give. I watch the phrases flow allowing the sweet song to grow Sifting through the melodies swimming in my soul Sounding out the harmony to fill this dream I hold I look outside today, the pages around me lay Scattered across the floor, now I only wish for more Drift into my reverie as I sit alone Reaching for inspiration, I set my fear aside This love I have, is the music that I find The only thing I have that is true and kind The labor of my heart and the vision of my soul This love I have is the music... Outside the rain pours down, my voice the only sound Thoughts stray across my mind while I sing the words in time Soaring into, skies of blue deep in my mind Listening to all the music flow into this dream I know This love I have, is the music that I find The only thing I have that is true and kind The labor of my heart and the vision of my soul This love I have is the music... That I find... That is mine... Yeah
Land of Endless Summer In the land of endless summer There's always a cool breeze, where you know your skin can burn and you know your soul can freeze Now I dream of Sandy beaches, surfing waves out in the sea. But all the cars and the mansions are all surrounding me A veil hangs on California, like my phone with a broken screen She was here but she left it, she went and left the scene For the land of endless summer, Where we all wanna be. I see seabirds and coral underneath the deep blue sea. In the land of endless summer, is it truth or fantasy? I see seabirds and coral underneath the deep blue sea Oh my dear we are mistaken We can't solve our pain with greed We won't need it all tomorrow, No we won't have no need My friends told me bout a valley, in the bottom there’s a cave... Where they've hidden all the secrets and the books of yesterday Like a fool I went with them although I knew I couldn't say I didn't want to leave them And they’re still down there today RPT Chorus If you’re feeling out of place / find your inner space Leave without a trace / put a smile on your face Where the dragonflies are flying / the horses in the sea and the moon dog is howling / pinch me if we're dreaming here and now I want to be..... RPT Chorus


released November 15, 2019

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Lost Monarchs San Diego, California

The Lost Monarchs are a Southern California rock n' roll jam band which draws influence from many musical styles to create their original sound.  The members unify under a common goal of creating songs which breathe and grow, especially in a live performance where the band connects with the audience. ... more


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